So it’s pretty cold and wooly out there, but I am surrounded by awesome sounds and smells here at Yagan Square.
I can hear the chefs at Hiss n Smoke tossing together their ‘tasty cabbage pancake thingy’… – at least that is what I call it, each time I order; certainly not by the technical name – Okonomiyaki – because no one like hearing their language murdered! Thomas is finishing up his favourite ‘Cuban Cubano’ from Big Els which quote ‘is the ultimate in sandwiches’ and whilst I prefer the veggo ‘honey im home’ nachoes, I can understand why he loves it, with all the layers of mustard and pickles and ham and cheese and pulled pork. It covers all the bases!
I am warming my hands up from the best coffee in the Square, from Big Els (again!). Strong, creamy and rich, mmm coffee! I live on this stuff #smallbusinessowner LOL! Music is pounding out from Troublemaker Burgers and the bacon is sizzling, but I can still smell the curry smells floating around the corner from Toast My Curry – Indian curries toasted into a naan bread. I am debating whether to get a poke bowl from Ahi Poke, rice n salads laid out prettily just for you, or a 3-cheese toastie from Gourmet Trader – because cheese is life right? Come to Yagan Square – it has all the food – and grog – that anyone can want. You can eat here at least 40 times and never eat the same thing twice – but you will want to, I promise!

Oh, and the bees are good too… I’m going to grab some lunch, what shall I get? #distractedbyfood

Looking for something for Dad this Fathers Day?
We have all the raw honey he could want, honey candy
or some lemon myrtle soap!
Image from Little Sketchy