Welcome to Winter! It is a beeautiful day today and you could be forgiven in thinking that we are still the grips of autumn. Except for the frost on the windscreen in the morning 😉

Our bees are happy wintering up North at the moment, with most of them enjoyed the warmer climes, on the banksia and coastal wildflowers from Watheroo NP.

We have a small load on a new site, outside of Northcliffe, nestled near the Warren River. The site is idyllic – at the bottom of a paddock, with Karri and Marri surround, interspersed with Peppermint, Leptospermum and Melaleuca species. The amount of floral diversity at this site is quite profound and we are really looking forward to seeing how the seasons shape up.
We have new honeys in our Maylands store now – a range of Tagasaste and autumn Wildflowers, plus for the first time – Ghost Mallee (strong and tangy, also at Yagan Square) and Pin Cushion Hakea (warm and sweet) from Bremer Bay. Both are very unique to Western Australia!

On a more serious note, Varroa mite was discovered in a port in Victoria this week. This is a very serious incursion, and thankfully the colony was destroyed in a timely fashion, with ongoing observation in the sentinel hive of the area. Every time an incursion occurs, Australia is at risk – both for our bee health and food security. It is vital that every person take our biosecurity seriously, particularly in Western Australia, as we are the last continent in the world to remain Varroa free. This mite destroys colonies fast, and effects the ongoing health of bee colonies, increasing the stressors on their health, the work load on beekeepers, and ultimately, the price of food. Raw Honey and other bee products from outside of WA should never be ‘snuck in’ via the boarder or through the postal service. WA is pest free (even compared to the East coast) and need to to stay that way for as long as possible. For further information, have a look at this blog post I wrote on the matter a while ago.

Honey Ginger Chamomile Lime Pops

Check out this cheeky blog from our friends at Delish Ice 🙂

  • Ginger  to help to settle the stomach and reduce nausea
  • Honey – a good, local, raw honey with medicinal qualities
  • Lime for (amongst other things) infection fighting and zing
  • Chamomile to calm and reduce nausea

….I wanted to know a bit more about the health benefits of honey and using honey, and the lovely Blaine from Honey I’m Home (check out her Yagan Square and Maylands Shop for raw honey from their own apiaries and from other local, quality bee keepers)….