Mr T is out and about in the South West every week, both for PhD work and for the bees. The lack of flowers, or poor flowering in traditionally excellent sites is proving difficult for the bees – and beekeepers!

A tough season for all; many Beeks are having to do multi-relocations and feed nutritional supplements because of the lack of nectar. Spring produced little honey due to the prolonged rain, and the dry winter two years running has meant our summer flows have been effected. This is due to many of our major Eucalyptus species having exceptionally long flowering cycles, sometimes up to 10 years (think Karri!)Most Beeks are reporting that bee health is stable, including us, it’s more a matter of not enough nectar to feed themselves AND make spare for us humans 🐝🍯

Most of our hives are down in Ongerup on the Mallee there; we are trying to make sure they have enough nectar until the Marri/Red Gum starts flowing properly. Soon we will be moving them closer to home for Red Gum.

In the meantime, we have some micro harvests, including some rather unique Blackberry (wild invasive weed species, but it produces nectar!) honey – light and sweet, with tart, almost sour aftertaste. The Maylands refit took longer than anticipated, however using some of the fitout from the closed Yagan Square shop, it has come up a treat.

Head down for a Honey Gelato (now have a 7 bay cart rather than 4!) or some yummy honey obviously 😉

Happy New Year everyone, we hope that the start of the year has been beeautiful!

Check out the last of our Holiday Workshops this Friday 1st Feb from 2pm-4pm